• Instead

    Instead of her youth,
    she had tucks in her face
    and collagen shots she claimed the years did erase.... more »

  • Italia

    Ruined beauty.
    Aged whore of the Mediteranean.
    Captivating mistress of antique titans.
    Overripe, but so much left to savor.... more »

  • Now

    Chip a chunk out of time, and crawl into the cave of this moment.
    Listen only to the sounds of the present, the echoes and the melody
    of your lovesong.
    Shut out the past with a boulder.... more »

  • Ode To Winter

    Darkness till seven,
    Twilight by four,
    Daylight is something I'm so longing for.... more »

  • Sweet Summer

    Sweet summer,
    My lazy friend.
    Like a fading romance we know must end.
    Like the last notes to a favorite song,... more »