• A Woman’s Mind (Behind The Mystery)

    Sometimes a girl just needs to be held really tight
    and told things she just might be able to believe.

    Sometimes a girl just needs to know she’s wanted around... more »

  • Borrowed Love

    Borrowed Love

    As we begin on this journey
    of desires to fulfill... more »

  • Cliffhanger

    Everyday I came to visit you @ that cliff
    (‘that cliff’ being a state of mind)
    I would visit in thought or even in the physical,
    leaving my ‘real world’ far behind.... more »

  • He Called

    He called…

    And so many things
    Went through my head... more »

  • Mr. Right

    Window stains are all I see
    As I stare in search of you
    Fingerprints and watermarks
    (this is all I ever do)... more »

  • Our Story

    Black and white stripes and Black Star
    Birthed these crashing stars
    And the cosmic encounters grew
    From heated debates on love and marriage... more »

  • Pain

    I’m done—
    done writing all this ‘good’ poetry about you.
    I’m through.
    No more bestsellers feasting off my pain,... more »

  • Simple

    Last night
    as we lay
    he lightly caressed
    my arm... more »

  • Suicide Gone Wrong

    my blood clots too fast
    to kill myself
    (I just found that out)
    and my hearts too strong... more »

  • Tanka (5)

    Mr. Belvedere,
    In summer heat, sometimes I
    drink liquid fire
    and flame just to close my eyes... more »

  • Tanka (6)

    On weekends he goes
    out of town to drown out this
    perceived poverty
    and I patiently await... more »

  • Waiting...

    I hate the feeling of waiting
    for someone to call.
    They never do.
    So, I say, “If anyone calls... more »