• Brim

    And I have reached past the brim now...
    Even after the introvertness of myself, I have escaped the prison.
    Wanting to be seen,... more »

  • Spring

    Enters after autumn
    With trees and flowers fully blossomed
    With mustard plants fluttering in the air
    We see the tulips and sunflower with a great stare... more »

  • The End And The Endless

    The hope for harmony,
    The wait for destiny,
    And the everlasting daydream comes to an end.
    Trust shattered, hearts broken, selfishness could never be more.... more »

  • The Long Journey... From Tree To Me - Paper

    Long ago the ancestors of mine
    The tree trunk was hard &the leaves did shine
    Those birds' songs were alive
    And those who heard, danced the jive... more »