JAPCHAE Wyeth Biography

Someone said, 'you'll be a good writer someday'. Being alone in 32 years now and working as online English Teacher since April 2007. I have been teaching for five years in a private school for both elementary and high school department. I'm currently pursuing my graduate studies, MA in Educational Management.
I took and passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers last August 2001 and Career Service Examination last July 2001. I worked as a call center agent for two months in an international account and a data encoder for a year.
I became an awardee of Rose Educational Assistance Program for three years. This is an educational assistance program by a Fil-American professor of California. I became an editor-in-chief of our school paper (Traders Post) and became an assistant school paper adviser (The Theresian) of STCDCFI
(June'02-Dec.05. As of now, I'm working for my first novel.