I'm 19 and I love to write, if you love to read, then I guess we can relate on some level. I write about deep things or maybe even nothing relevant at all, who knows. Follow me on twitter @jj_bradford. I also started recording music check my youtube page out: http: //www.youtube.com/user/Bonez309? feature=mhee

Any feedback is awesome.


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Take these words wisely
Do not fret
The worst feeling
Is feeling regret... more »

Some Say

Some say that you are shy and quiet
While I say
It's your plane, you fly it... more »

American Pride

We've been through the bad
We've been through the good
We've all been sad
We've done the best we could... more »

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Saane Pahulu 24 Sep 2009 06:48
wow.. i like your biography... your very talented with music and poetry... :) and i feel that your kinda spiritual or something with what you write. its beautiful...