• Acceptance

    Ties a rope around his neck
    Pulls it tight up to a pole
    He thought he could see
    Between friend and foe... more »

  • American Pride

    We've been through the bad
    We've been through the good
    We've all been sad
    We've done the best we could... more »

  • Balloon

    Every nights the same
    I can't even explain
    Maybe cause there's no words
    No combination of letters... more »

  • Behind A Closed Door

    I write these lines down
    With this pen in my hand
    With this heart in my chest
    Wanting to take a stand... more »

  • Black And White

    Happy or sad can seem so far different
    In a world of black and white
    Where do I fit in it?... more »

  • Blue

    Blue is what you feel when you're down
    Blue is the music that gets people dancing in town
    Blue is what you drink to quench your thirst
    Blue is when you look up, and what you see first... more »

  • Boxing

    What worries me to death
    Is what I'm growing into
    Survived Round 1
    Starting Round 2... more »

  • Broken Down

    Broken down and seen
    Piece by piece by piece
    Life is very simple
    To the naked eye, at least... more »

  • Can I Have A Mic?

    Keep it real-
    Nothing from no one
    It's my own lyrical material,... more »

  • Chances

    Never thought I'd be thinking
    About how fast time has fast
    Just sitting up at night
    Wishing this moment could last... more »

  • Changing Me

    Right now I feel like I'm scared to achieve
    Like I'm scared to take a leap
    Cause I know the fall could be steep
    Take a chance to enhance my life... more »

  • Clocks

    I've been through the circles
    Most of you can relate to me on that
    And if you could you know you would
    Try to make the time go back... more »

  • Coaster Of Emotions

    Say rollercoaster of emotions
    Im like a volcano explodin'
    Roaring lava of love
    A sea of turtles and doves... more »

  • Dreaming Of Sleep

    This dream is killing me
    I'm not even asleep
    This nightmare is drowning me
    In a pool, endlessly deep... more »

  • Fallen Tree

    Life is handing out straws
    Why does mine always seem like the shortest
    I try to jot down, what is most important
    Note that, Note this.... more »

  • Fate

    It's kind of crazy
    How fate turns our lifes
    One day we enjoy peace
    The next we fight for our lifes... more »

  • Fate Of Family

    We live in a world
    Where a single man's signature
    Can decide the fate of family... more »

  • Fear

    Take these words wisely
    Do not fret
    The worst feeling
    Is feeling regret... more »

  • Fear Ii

    Prayer is the only answer
    For when I feel fear
    And I think I'll be praying
    Until my conscience is clear... more »

  • Fear Iii

    I let life be
    I don't claim others
    Trust me that mindset
    Will never tear my from my brothers... more »

  • Feuds

    I've got too much on my mind
    Searching for something new
    When it seems like there's nothing new to find
    I sit back sometimes... more »

  • Flow Of Words

    I had a girl say
    I don't give myself credit
    So i picked up and old poem
    And i re-read it... more »

  • Forever In One Night

    Daylights coming too soon
    I still want to see the moon
    Still want it in my eyesight
    It's like forever in one night... more »

  • Giving Thanks

    I gave thanks for the food I ate today
    To tell God how much I appreciate
    Every blessing he gives me, every breath I take.
    I gave three thanks for the love I had... more »

  • Healing Shoulders

    Ain't it funny?
    How the world keeps spinnin'
    Like it's in a damn race
    But nobodys winnin'... more »