• Dream Girl

    Fascinating in many ways,
    she kept my mind in constant daze.
    In the summer of 98 I made a wish,
    to fall in love with my dream girls' kiss.... more »

  • Essence

    If I could take a moment to describe you,
    in any possible way I can.
    I would say you are the magic,
    and the desire of every man.... more »

  • If Only For One Day

    I've said I won't cry anymore,
    because tears make you stay.
    I've said that I will smile again,
    if only for one day.... more »

  • Patiently Waiting

    Free your mind and come with me,
    pass the skies and beyond the sea.
    Where love is kept and fires burn,
    and passion is found at every turn.... more »

  • Phenomenally

    Many men have seen her face,
    yet miss the beauty within.
    They all will fail, with no avail
    to notice the love therein.... more »