Jaryd was an excellent student and a talented writer.
He was a gentleman, well-spoken and soaked up information like a sponge. I am an old lady of 62, and was in awe of his talent and achievements.
He was just starting second year at Durban University, when he contracted Meningitis and although he was taken to hospital immediately, his condition was misdiagnosed and he died tragically and unnecessarily.


Jaryd Stapleton Poems


Tired of the bloodshot eyes
Tired of the loose teeth
Every time I stare into the mirror
I find another excuse to exist... more »


Everything keeps crumbling down.
The riverbanks can’t hold the encroaching everlasting summer.

It’s a slight rise.... more »

Head Over Heels

I want to be myself around you
But all I can do is wear the mask of another
Someone you want me to be... more »

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