• Asthenia

    For all intended purposes
    This is not the rollercoaster of your life
    This is not the primetime news
    This is not anywhere near enough... more »

  • Crucify

    Standing in the rain
    At the bus stop
    Staring into grey oblivion... more »

  • Fatigue

    Tired of the bloodshot eyes
    Tired of the loose teeth
    Every time I stare into the mirror
    I find another excuse to exist... more »

  • Head Over Heels

    I want to be myself around you
    But all I can do is wear the mask of another
    Someone you want me to be... more »

  • Indiscretions

    Everything keeps crumbling down.
    The riverbanks can’t hold the encroaching everlasting summer.

    It’s a slight rise.... more »

  • Ltm

    It’s easy to ignore the signs
    Spread across the wall
    It’s easy to climb on the ride
    When there’s nothing left at all... more »

  • The Small Print

    Stop asking me to subscribe to you
    It's just another lesson to be learned
    The endless pursuit of perfect ends here
    I’ll do it on my own... more »

  • The Sun Sets On The Horizon

    The sun sets on the horizon
    And you change your mind about tomorrow
    Every time I try to convince you otherwise
    All I get is a slap in the face... more »