• A Nightmare In Reality

    It is too late to fight
    Too late to turn it all around and make it right
    The sun is up but it is already night
    Tears run down her cheeks as she cries out... more »

  • A Tale About This Name

    (This is a poem in a dialogue form between two people)

    J: I have a tale to tell. A tale that made me rise after I fell, my name is Jasmine everyone calls me J
    E: I have a tale to tell. A tale that gave me strength and made me well, my name is Emmanuel.... more »

  • Here Love There

    Here I am
    There she is
    individuals both we are like branches of the palm
    but are one on the same axis... more »

  • How We Used To Be

    So sweet I thought it was
    Nothing ever felt better, I found no cause
    to say I do not love you
    Me and you were together out of love, it was of no blue... more »

  • I Love Her

    It was broken and it made me cry
    I was exposed from the only home I knew
    Many hands held me but why
    some wiping my face not to make me a clown... more »

  • I Want To Let You Know

    There are many things on my mind but one
    All of them I can say but how
    Too loaded with thoughts racing
    Thinking of so many things but nothing has surfaced... more »

  • I Will Play The Background

    I was on top like hairs
    The good things of life and I were trousered, pairs
    I knew no pain but gains
    There was nothing that blurs but clear as plains... more »

  • Lost In The Rivers Of Love

    Unexpectedly, I fell into a river
    In it I saw something worth more than treasure
    Honestly my deepest fear was to drown
    So to free myself I swam... more »

  • Love Of Two Bees And I

    It was at drama show when she first saw me
    I had no idea
    Then I was at the Unknown People's meeting seat
    She entered the door at the rear... more »

  • My Confession To You

    when i run, i walk
    when i win, i lose
    when i smile, i frown
    when i am up, i am down... more »

  • My Definition Of Love

    You ask me
    What is love?
    This is such a big question
    Definitions vary from person to person... more »

  • Smiles Of Tears

    Pain and tears sorrow us
    But deep down in them is happiness
    Mysterious are the joys in pain and tears
    This good in pain in tears is what makes it hurts... more »

  • The Beauty Of Pain

    one thing all man hates
    but we only hate what is good in the beginning
    pain is good... more »

  • The Boy Who Grew In The Slums

    After months a baby was born
    Happiness was the shirt and tears, the glasses, that was worn
    There the baby is
    born into this world as it is... more »

  • The Crying Car

    A number of four
    Walking a distance they have always walked before
    It was getting dark
    SO as cars on their own they had to park... more »

  • The Decorated Proposal

    I walk with my toes down and heels high
    What horror do run from that I walk in discreet to hide?
    What treasure do I seek that I run to buy?
    Its no horror I'm scared of but its more than a treasure I admire... more »

  • The Farmer And His Tree

    I remember the seed
    and I remember my deed
    because I remember my digging
    and also I remember my planting... more »

  • The Journey Of A Tear

    She was home, home sweet home
    She had no where to go
    Feeling like she has been traped alone
    The truth is it was His joy... more »

  • The Pool Of Love

    I have heard of it
    Many people talked about it
    They talked about how they felt it
    Others said they lost it when they found it... more »

  • The Transition

    Yesterday I was a kid
    Playing kid games with shes claiming it was dating
    We always talk about love, we were just debating
    Saying we knew love not knowing we were crawling... more »

  • Times Past

    Times past
    I wish I had them by me
    Dice I cast
    I wish I could withdraw completely... more »

  • Why And Whose Fault?

    Innocent born
    Was raised up eating corn
    His best was the green shirt that was torn
    He hanged it and enjoyed the joy of not getting it worn... more »