• A Baby Was Born

    A baby was born,
    To a mother stunted before her rise,
    They clipped her wings before she could fly.
    To a father lost in a world of lies.... more »

  • Death To Your Pride

    Corrupt are your morals
    Death to your pride
    Shrouded in darkness,
    Robbed of light... more »

  • Eleven Fifty Six (6/30/20)

    The bells of freedom are ringing.
    If I could touch that sacred brass,
    Just beyond my desperate grasp.
    I see,freedom seized with bravery,... more »

  • His Name

    The demons of my mother and father
    Took me just the same
    I sold my self to the highest extreme
    Just to watch the superficial riches rain... more »

  • I Was There

    I was there.
    Head towards the wind
    Standing on the ledge
    Between passivity and revenge... more »

  • Immortality

    It stole all my gifts
    My soul, my passion, my love
    Now everything is lower than the sea
    So lower than should be, it is lower than me... more »

  • Response To Edgar Allen Poe's Alone

    On my darkest day in May
    Our paths converged a dissimilar way
    I too, enamored by the demon in view
    He had taken from me what he took from you... more »

  • The Black Rose

    Some days I feel like I cannot win,
    I pick myself up to fall again.
    Heartache drums against my chest,
    with an anxiety akin to cardiac arrest.... more »

  • This Is My Mother.

    She smelled of cigarettes
    She looked like hell with legs
    Her voice was laced with insolence
    Always grating to my head... more »