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It stole all my gifts
My soul, my passion, my love
Now everything is lower than the sea
So lower than should be, it is lower than me... more »

Response To Edgar Allen Poe's Alone

On my darkest day in May
Our paths converged a dissimilar way
I too, enamored by the demon in view
He had taken from me what he took from you... more »

Eleven Fifty Six (6/30/20)

The bells of freedom are ringing.
If I could touch that sacred brass,
Just beyond my desperate grasp.
I see,freedom seized with bravery,... more »

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Jasmine Williams 08 Jun 2017 05:55
Thankyou! ! I really do try my best to convey the sentiment of each poem I write. I am glad they resonate with you.
pavitar sin 10 Mar 2017 03:38
Wow, you're an exceptional poet, i came here to read your reply to edgar allan poe, but all your poems are heart touching, every word brings in more emotion. Thank you for sharing your works.