• Everyday

    Others like me
    Think of people like you
    Its ourselves we don't see
    What else can we do?... more »

  • Fireworks

    The night was silent and crisp
    No traffic
    The buzz from the streetlights
    A distant memory... more »

  • Heart

    Bless the day you came on in
    And curse it just the same
    Your presence drew the slightest grin
    And is sure to bring years of pain... more »

  • My Favourite Things

    I love the rain
    It keeps the people away
    Alone I am sane
    Elongating my stay... more »

  • Star

    Brighter days are brighter still
    Your smile lights up the sky
    Few days have I had my fill
    It's always hard to say goodbye... more »

  • The Story Of Life

    Clouds of confusion
    On each step to take
    It's your biggest decision
    Separating the real from fake... more »

  • Walking Through Ants

    Walking through the park
    Head down
    Confidence questioned
    Unsociable... more »