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Peace In Trade

I saw a picture of peace, in a simple kitchen scene, hair in dark ringlets a face of middle age, and eyes as deep as wells.

A humble home, a woman of peasant stock. A glance so dull, yet deep in cost, in this I saw peace in trade a life of cost, for this single scene.... more »

Eternity's Embrace

I hear a whisper rustling in the wind, a force as nurturing as the earth. I feel eternity's rhythm as it entices me with mystical notes of harmony, and a kiss that tastes as sweet as honey.

Diving deeper into trance; deeper into madness, I feel a sensual touch that excites my soul with waves of ecstatic delight.... more »


Spirit entices and seduces your soul weaving its way to the core of your being, then in moment of erotic love you are joined, and so begins your dance of ecstasy.

Time falls from your awareness like the sheading of a skin and you are one, you are eternity.... more »

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