• Clastro Phobic

    Okay you want to hear
    It's done
    okay, you want it near it
    IT IS NUMB... more »

  • Cooper Square

    I kick a map today
    I saw a flag and it read home
    the time is the occasion I met myself
    It's time be a lung... more »

  • Crook

    contrary believe
    on and over in belief
    on a plain no more once again
    I see it... more »

  • Crust Song

    Oh day, all right
    it's gonna make us strong
    such pain such hurt is gonna hurt like
    TRUST NO ONE... more »

  • Deep Thoughts

    The cat crossed the street to sniff the racoons face
    the racoon said nOOOO
    don't sniff my face cause I just ate rotten bananas
    sniff my butt cause it smells like chicken... more »

  • Glucose

    Password forever
    demeanor restored
    trains and planes... more »

  • Glum

    So far yet
    you'll be next
    I'll bet never forever
    so forever... more »

  • God Awful

    ... more »

  • Gurgle! ! ! ! ! !

    I'm going again
    I'm alone
    I'm a going again
    and I'M ALONE!... more »

  • Heritage

    what is up with this
    what is up with it
    no way...no how... more »

  • I Want You Dead!

    A conniption, a rapture of insolence

    The world is a remembrance... more »

  • No Comment

    You BORE me! ! !
    So I'll force myself to LISTEN

    AND! ! ! ....I'M outside but stuck indoors of... more »

  • Oregano

    My smite looks like it's all over
    all over
    once to win
    tattoo's and human stew... more »

  • Sello

    Its someone you probably dont want to hear from
    someone you might take out
    Its I.. grin..cation
    It's non verbal communication... more »

  • Sloopy

    More & more
    we're all gonna die
    when more is more
    we're all gonna lie... more »

  • Stuck

    Blue beached whale
    not that way oh please
    pawn a cat
    sometimes it's free... more »

  • Titwio

    I don't remember but I can tell you it was fun
    hello said I
    drink some milk
    mmm...tastes good...yum... more »

  • Torture

    I really like nothing
    I really like nothing at all
    I like it all...
    cause it makes me smile... more »