• I Gaze At Stars

    I gaze at stars
    like the way of her eyes

    A daisy, so simple,... more »

  • I Never Noticed

    ... more »

  • Inside You

    ... more »

  • Like The Still Of The Moon

    Like the still of the moon in a timeless trance,
    or, a tulip sighing from a soft-breeze dance.
    Maybe, …the life water brings to make a stream,
    or, the unseen thought that wakes a dream.... more »

  • My Everything

    You're my wish if I had one
    my dream when I do
    my prayer that's been answered
    my place out of the blue... more »

  • My Favorite Book

    ..., and grasping in clutches, an air of despair, left me holding something that was nothing but air.
    'Tis nothing at all', said the cat in the hat, 'and so you must fall! You must fall down to that! ! ! '
    My fall was like dreaming a slow picture show. 'I'm falling! ' I cried.
    'Yes you're falling, I know.... more »

  • Orange

    ... more »

  • Peace

    The man I know grew up to be a shape of things not want to be.
    He learned to dress to keep him warm but found his dress was not the norm.
    And so he grew and so he knew
    A tender kiss held so much more than love or lust for rich or poor.... more »

  • Swept Along One Rainy Night

    Swept along one rainy night, by winds that had me in a fight, to find my feet a solid path, beneath an angry sea of grass.
    I held my hand to shield my face, from bitter rain that stung that place, and guessing on which way to go, I stumbled thinking 'soon I'll know'.
    Up a hill I staggered on, the grass here wasn't quite so long, but little rocks that hid their face, in darkness which made less my pace.
    ‘Which way now' I thought to me, atop the hill stood by a tree. This way, that way look the same, and worse... for this infernal rain.... more »

  • That Wretched Beast

    Uninspired by layers of life, that tangle my brow in deeper, aching furrows.
    A knotted brow that shows, conceals, an angry heart and shaking bones, that grind and grate in the untamed furnace that is my rage.
    Day to day my growing expression peels through the layers of uninspired life, revealing a growl in the gut of my brow.
    The abominable frustration that cages my spirit, feasts on my rage, ...like some free-loading junkie that's hooked on my soul.... more »

  • Yum

    when I was a child I wished I could be
    as old as the sky, and big as a tree
    I wished I could run as fast as light
    and float like a ghost in the middle of night... more »