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Swept Along One Rainy Night

Swept along one rainy night, by winds that had me in a fight, to find my feet a solid path, beneath an angry sea of grass.
I held my hand to shield my face, from bitter rain that stung that place, and guessing on which way to go, I stumbled thinking 'soon I'll know'.
Up a hill I staggered on, the grass here wasn't quite so long, but little rocks that hid their face, in darkness which made less my pace.
‘Which way now' I thought to me, atop the hill stood by a tree. This way, that way look the same, and worse... for this infernal rain.... more »

Like The Still Of The Moon

Like the still of the moon in a timeless trance,
or, a tulip sighing from a soft-breeze dance.
Maybe, …the life water brings to make a stream,
or, the unseen thought that wakes a dream.... more »

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