Jason PraTT is Jason's Pen rambling about Tell Tales; Jason PraTT is also the brainchild of Jason Michael Miller; an eccentric, sex-addicted, and somewhat talented writer/poet who favors E. E. Cummings, William F. DeVault, and Sextus Propertius. His Muse is Woman and his weakness is well, Woman. He writes about love, sex, life, and more sex. He tries to diversify his portfolio but fails miserably, so he plays it safe and sticks to what he does best. Enjoy if you dare!


Jason PraTT Poems

Wilma And I Have Not

wilma and I have not always se
en eye-to-eye, whereas eye could
not fathom the times where we ever
agreed upon anything outside of what... more »

...And The Delicious Following

when to whom this may concern
strip the guile to reveal
her wiles of wildfire unto
me... more »

The Truthful Lie

previous written in latter
years under the guise of
another personality cut from
the same cloth through diff-... more »

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