• ...And The Delicious Following

    when to whom this may concern
    strip the guile to reveal
    her wiles of wildfire unto
    me... more »

  • A Few Wishes Afar

    I have come
    to catch your every
    desire and gather
    them into a bottle... more »

  • A Manufactured Secret

    proportioned in private privilege
    otherwise here say about what is gained
    the honor of rules and etiquette vows
    from the challenge that keeps in abstinence... more »

  • An Afternoon's Affair

    Whereas the Sumner’s tales are finally ending
    Whereas the birds that flock are fledged and flown
    And the dryness of the leaves strew the path of fog
    Within the falling of the pelting raindrops... more »

  • And Despite My Hybrid Emotions

    the nightly silence is what
    lures me into dreams
    bare and bidding the thoughts
    keen and careful... more »

  • As The Edge Of The Moon

    I have stained my soul with scarlet colors, thus this work
    The ballad of merlot and mandolins, the bliss is midnight blue
    The deep black is but her hungry delight
    Thus I dye her desires a darker scarlet within the foils of my flesh... more »

  • As Well

    Presences come, wherefore, haunted by the footsteps
    With shadows, by dark corners, incessant detours
    Brighter than brighest flickers of pubs and alley lights
    And stately odeum performances by harnessed vagabonds... more »

  • As Your Lover...

    As your lover, I lingered
    with fondling fingers
    along your waistline
    admiring your splendid curves... more »

  • Authors & Affection

    I wouldn’t say I that write a lot of poems, but the things that I write about
    are understood by you
    I was thinking about reading this one to you, but I didn’t think
    that the sentiment would be the same if I did... more »

  • Balas Song

    Movement I: Bait

    I have called you forth
    To undress your fabrics of time... more »

  • Carmen Light Residence

    last fall in denise’s
    little shoebox of a home
    where her kitchen and bedroom
    are practically joined by the... more »

  • Come On And Go With Me

    come on and go with me for a moment
    if you would please, there’s nothing
    special about this trip, except for your
    company that i require for the duration... more »

  • De Verah: Desirable, She {sestina Thus The Seduction}

    She lifts my eyes to consider more sweetly the alluring logic of her sway
    Absolute in her twilight thighs, simply to strut back and forth in my view
    While my thoughts crawl throughout the perception of her pleasures
    Upon the pleasant poetry that her body composes within her every footstep... more »

  • Down Her Breasting Bridge And Slope

    Wall her within those rooms filled with forbidden rights
    Cherishing one last hope of an ordained conscious
    Abandon her clothes in the hallway or let her choose
    The sacred eyes of her sex as she spreads the blues... more »

  • Dropp Dead Gorgeous

    best described as t h i c k
    brick house with a built-in
    balcony and acres of backyard
    measurements are something... more »

  • Evening Of The Evening/Eve/Embryo

    The blossom of your black rose thorn bush, as the seed on the tree
    Beneath the bosom and blissful sunrise that the morning air blows
    Dance we shall underneath the sheets of the swallowing adventure
    Upon the enchantment that crowns our every kiss with sincere awe... more »

  • Francesca (Your Splendid Smile)

    It was but your splendid smile, stretched out across your lips
    Spawning a series of sensations that I have never felt before
    Sparking a heartfelt flame throughout my soul, rendering me
    Speechless and captivated, as I then vowed to follow you... more »

  • Jazz Uh Bel Lady

    music sways her breasts
    vibrant in the mood swing
    of her thighs
    the crisp velvet in her deceit... more »

  • Karma

    My 'genius of gentle secrets'
    The first set of keys to the vault
    Whereas eavesdropping whispers
    Muzzle in the drowning rain... more »

  • Leading Along The Streams Until Evening

    To cross the sea, vines along the shores in profusion
    Trimmed high harvest time on meat galore and wine
    Lush for the plow that what hull with confusion
    So many savages stab at the liquor in one’s spine... more »

  • Living Proof In A Coffee Cup

    the morning ritual
    drowsy footsteps across
    living room floor towards
    the kitchen where faucet... more »

  • More Childhood Genius

    fell into a funk, bought another
    spiral notebook with pockets
    including a fountain pen
    writing about this white girl... more »

  • Morning I/Morning Star Of The Sea

    The morning beyond the wears of a whispering moon
    Through the cold and vacant darkness into fragile light
    Another promising dawn breaks over the sky of yesterday
    The shadows are sharing secrets with the sun to reunite... more »

  • My Mona Lisa

    The vixen of my inspiration - I have confessed now
    Her brilliance in ardent design that is simply... her
    Nothing too flaunting in her casual manner, still flirtatious
    The right amount to compel, thus keeping distance - distinctly... more »

  • No Part In The Bridal Song

    Far North, yet still the same rough winds
    They drag me away at the hands of a fate like mine
    The light of day is buried in a broken bolted vault
    Keys to the yoke and womb rage flutes... more »