• Can Anyone Save Me?

    I’m drowning on the inside, can anyone save me?
    I’m smiling on the outside, everyone can see me.... more »

  • Fall In Love With

    Sitting here, thinking of you, I wonder whether or not it is real, whether I’m meant to be with you.

    They say it’s wrong, that I shouldn’t love you, but you can’t help whom you fall in love with.... more »

  • Tears

    Sitting here alone and depressed, I think of you.
    Thinking, remembering, crying.
    Crying from that, that is no more.
    Thinking of the times we shared, our little fights, but we always... more »

  • Weeping Angel

    Falling.....Falling forever.
    Once a beautiful angel, I now fall.
    My wings have been clipped, and I shall never know heaven again.
    I now fall unto the hard earth, that is mortal life. It doesn't seem real........ more »

  • Won'T Change

    Sitting here alone, thinking, no one to hold.
    Wishing I had someone to hold, someone to call my own.... more »