• A Bed Too Big

    The night is winding to a close
    The movie credits end scrolling across the screen
    I gave you a goodnight kiss
    I said good bye and will see you later... more »

  • A Fathers Footsteps

    You can see him raising his right hand to solute
    The American flag waving in the background
    He has just been given orders to leave everyone he has ever loved
    To fight for peoples freedoms he has never met... more »

  • Beliefs-Why Am I At Fault

    Every Sunday I woke up to worship him
    Not really knowing why
    Or who he really was
    My parents just said he is real... more »

  • Footprints

    We hold each other’s hands tight as we walk down the beach
    Loving the time we spend together.... more »

  • Goodbye To Life

    My phone rings
    I hear tears running down her face
    A whisper asking for help is all I could hear
    She lays in bed, motionless... more »

  • Love Vs. Lust

    when you walk the line between love and lust
    someone will get hurt
    both playing the same game
    with no rules... more »

  • Moon And The Stars

    When the lights go out
    The day comes to an end
    We crawl into bed and our bodies connect
    At that point everything turns off in my mind... more »

  • No Fights, No Arguments

    No fights
    No arguments
    Just a hello with a hug
    Good bye with a hug... more »

  • Reach For The Stars

    Reach your hand out to the starts
    Tell yourself “I can do this”
    I can accomplish everything I have ever dreamed
    Sometimes you might run into a roadblock... more »

  • Saying Goodbye To Love

    The sun is starting to set
    The breeze starts blowing through her beautiful hair
    She sits there with tears running down her face
    I try to wipe them away but she pushes me away... more »

  • Sentenced To Life

    I have sentenced myself to life
    I will never leave you
    This is my promise to myself and you
    We will go through tough times... more »

  • Silence At Night

    I lay there in my bed
    Listening to the silence
    Missing the soft whispers
    Missing your laughter... more »

  • Stripped Of Choices

    You have been stripped of all forms of choice
    Your legs have buckled under the pressure
    The gravel cuts your knees as they struggle to hold you upright
    God has taken your hands and placed them behind your back... more »

  • The Black Cage Filled With Anger

    The cage is painted black with anger
    A small hole shines light in showing what it would be like to be free
    Being held together with doubt, fear, and lack of trust
    So many have already been let go from the cage... more »

  • When The Rain Falls

    when the rain falls
    and the wind blows
    it will never be the same
    the smell of the rain... more »