Hi my name is jax as you may have already gathered! I am a 20 year old ex- Unversity student with a voice and an opinion. I try to show my opinions in my poems, but my best poems are when i am at my most emotional. (Good ol' hormones, eh?)
Please read the poems and I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to leave comments and I will get back to you asap and read yours likewise.

Jax xx


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The Days Turn Into Weeks

The days turn into weeks
The weeks turn into months
The months become a year
And I feel so empty without you... more »

Power Of Dreams

To dream is to hope
To hope is to live
To live is to love
To love is to give... more »


Remember those times we laughed and played along the sandy beach
Remember those times we use to try catch the stars even those beyond our reach
Remember those times we danced all night until the break of dawn
Remember those times we whispered together sealing secrets sworn... more »

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