• All The Same

    No matter what colour,
    No matter what creed,
    No matter what gender,
    No matter what breed.... more »

  • Confused

    Do you realise how much you confuse me
    When you smile at me like that?
    Can you see just what you’re doing?
    I feel such a prat!... more »

  • Don'T Let The Heartbreak

    ... more »

  • Expressing The Feeling

    At my age you’d think I’d know
    How to express my feelings someway, somehow
    The only problem with this though
    Is that my self confidence has hit an all time low.... more »

  • For My Big Sis

    Through the wind and the rain
    You bring the sunlight
    You make the world smile again
    Make a day from the night... more »

  • Happiness At Long Last

    You make me feel so happy
    You make me feel alive
    You make me feel brand new
    With your cheeky smile... more »

  • Just Me

    How exactly do I do this?
    How far can I go?
    How will I achieve it?
    Who will know?... more »

  • Just You

    I want to hold you in my arms tonight
    I want to hold you tight forever
    I want to feel your body close to mine
    I want us to be together... more »

  • Power Of Dreams

    To dream is to hope
    To hope is to live
    To live is to love
    To love is to give... more »

  • Reborn

    Take everything in
    My darling sweet
    From the top of my nose
    To the soles of my feet... more »

  • Reflection

    When I look in the mirror what do I see
    Staring right back at me?
    What hides beneath those dark, brown eyes
    Is it truth and honesty or a load of lies?... more »

  • Remember

    Remember those times we laughed and played along the sandy beach
    Remember those times we use to try catch the stars even those beyond our reach
    Remember those times we danced all night until the break of dawn
    Remember those times we whispered together sealing secrets sworn... more »

  • Searching For Way Out

    How sad for it all to come to this
    How sad for it all to be
    We’ve annoyed each other way too much
    And now we’ve hit a tree... more »

  • Take Me

    Take my heart for it is yours
    Keep it close to yours forever.
    Be true to it, and cherish it
    Love it, let it go… no never!... more »

  • The Days Turn Into Weeks

    The days turn into weeks
    The weeks turn into months
    The months become a year
    And I feel so empty without you... more »

  • The Lake Shows All

    Is it true what they’re whispering in the streets?
    Is it true what they are saying?
    Is it true about what’s going to happen?
    Is that why all the children have stopped playing?... more »

  • Without You There

    Without you my life would be empty
    Without you my life would be incomplete
    Without you I would cry
    Please don’t make me feel obsolete... more »