• Eclipse

    Gray black somber days
    Where warmth decays and the cold looms
    In alley ways and often filled rooms
    Cracking, breaking, shattering, falling... more »

  • The Passer By

    I walked through the yard where we use to play
    Under the trees grown old with age
    I could not hold the tears that day
    I remember how we use to play... more »

  • This Is True

    It is standing along the cliff’s edge without fear
    Knowing that there is another hand
    Another hand there
    Close your eyes and awake to warm sunlight... more »

  • Through My Window

    Joy and blissfulness lurk within the air
    I could not help but look with a hopeful stare
    And so I walk to the edge hoping to dive in
    Before the other half holds me before I can begin... more »