Jay AndersonTaylor Biography

Jay Andrew Anderson-Taylor was born in Richmond Va., to his mother Marvell Gross-Taylor and father James A. Taylor, Sr. on October 20th,1963.
He was barely two year old when his mother moved the family to DC and into a one bedroom apartment on Morris Rd. SE DC just off MLK Ave. SE, it was just up the street from where the big Chair sits today, a DC landmark. His mom would later move the family to the projects of East Capital dwellings in SE Washington DC (a true urban ghetto) in attempt to get away from his father who was an abusive alcoholic.

There in the projects he would attend Shad Elementary school. Were he soon would exhibit a great propensity towards drawing by the age of five. Though Jay was only five, he could easily out draw many of the older children. Although he could draw very well, he still struggled academically through out much of his schooling.
He finally discovered poetry while enrolled at Washington Dix Street Academy in NE DC; there he would read the works of Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou, both of these writers that would have a profound affect on his life and help him to discover his talent for writing.
Jay still continued to draw, but writing had taken on a whole new meaning in his life. Jay would save many of his poems that he wrote back then and many of which would be include into his first publish book entitled “Urban Expressions I”.

Jay is currently a DC Police officer in our Nations Capital today. During his career as an officer, he has have never lost touch with his love of poetry and art, sometimes as he is on patrol on the streets, he still find himself during down times just scribbling out some poetry onto blank sheets pieces of paper that he kept on his clip board in his police car.
Jay was appointed to the Metropolitan Police Department on July 17,1989. Though recently in 2002 he was diagnosed with colon cancer and suffered the set back of two major surgeries. He is currently now a five year cancer survivor and loving each day of his life. People sometimes asked him, why did he become cop in the first place? He simply states, ”I became a cop to make a difference in this city, were I had spent most of my life growing up”.
Though much has yet to change in the city where he patrols? He still continues to try and make a difference in this city that he loves so deeply. He has a number of books that he is currently working on and hopes that if you do buy his first book Urban Expressions I? You will most certainly want to consider adding his next book Urban Expressions II to your collection as well when it comes out. He looks forward to finishing it and sharing it with all of you in the near future!