• A Soul Food Dish...

    What you need to add is a pinch of flavor...

    Maybe add some spicy herbs to enhance it's... more »

  • Absorbed...

    I was consumed by your beauty and found

    myself distracted by the essence of your... more »

  • Black Butterfly

    Here I swing inside my dark ca-coon afraid

    to become all that I know I can be... A... more »

  • Blind Love...

    I did trust you and followed you with out sight...

    I believe in you and surrendered my heart unto you.... more »

  • Born Defiled

    In filth and squalor she did lay, I

    beseeched her not bring me forth into this... more »

  • Captured...

    I have been captured by the smell of her fragrance! Her
    hypnotic scent seems to linger in the

    air, on and on it did linger on my every scent gland.... more »

  • Cherry

    The flavor fills my mouth and burst onto my

    taste buds like a fresh lemon just squeezed to make... more »

  • Chocolate Whispers...

    Softly I melt into your brown eyes and you

    into mines.... more »

  • Christmas Wish...

    Oh how I wish snow would just start falling

    out of the sky early this year and I also... more »

  • Coffee Junky

    3: 45am my alarm clock rings...

    BEEP! BEEP! , obliterating me out of my deep sleep and dreams... more »

  • Crushed

    I did admire you and did stare at you with a

    child like glaze in my eyes... You where... more »

  • Daddy

    To be given the honor of being called Daddy by a child

    is an honor sometimes not planned by you. 'Daddy...'... more »

  • Fishing For A Smile...

    Never had I seen so much water before in my life?

    The day before our trip I barley slept... Finally... more »

  • If God Was To Ask Me?

    Here as I sit at the pearly white gates, not sure of what my fate will be? As I reflect back on my life and think about what God will think of me? As I await his word of what my final fate will be?

    I can remember that day I broke my Mom’s favorite glass figurine and the day I cooked her gold fish, name Sam…thought I was as good a cook as her? That day I smoked my first cigarette or that time I tide a firecracker to that old stray cat that use to wander through the streets night and day.... more »

  • Java Nights...

    Slowly I did creep down the stairs to see

    what it was... Creak! Creak! Went the first step. Me afraid?... more »

  • Liar

    You say I can eat this pie
    As sweet as it may be
    I will pass this pie by
    Instead I will wait... more »

  • My New Years Prayer...

    Dear Lord, as I go into this New Year let me

    not become the things I have been in the... more »

  • New Years Day... I Promise?

    On this day I have forged a new goal, it is

    an eternal promise made from my soul. With... more »