• Black Satin Bra

    Wearing a black satin bra,
    With the Romford version of high quality,
    Silver, encrusted with
    Guised diamonds, a jewel heart lay hanging from the bra,... more »

  • The Innocence Of You

    When days were longer, brighter,
    And Walt Disney ruled the cinema,
    The Lion King, with Simba’s Pride,
    Growing up seem impossible.... more »

  • This Generation

    Psp’s, Mobile Phones, Oyster cards,
    Tony Blair you silly git.
    War of the Worlds,
    Tom Cruise doesn’t seem such an actor now.... more »

  • Weather

    This weather is perfect for sitting in,
    With a lover,
    Holding her hand,
    Stroking her hair, yearning for no other... more »