• A Silent Human Company

    I don't like the groups,
    I don't like the crowd,
    Claimed wish to live alone
    Too looks like a fraud.... more »

  • A Word Of Praise

    A word of praise
    Use once
    And see the Change
    It can bring about... more »

  • Future

    When the present seems too good to be true
    Then I do not want to know the future.
    What goes up, must come down - so I know
    I will lose, sooner or later, my treasure.... more »

  • Good Things In Life

    Good things in life
    Are not meant to survive.
    How else, will the men strive
    To get new things, to make new kings?... more »

  • Moments That Matter

    Give me a few days
    For just myself, my own self.
    Away from the world, which
    I would leave, if I could help.... more »

  • She Can Not Love Them

    They love her from far
    'Oh! That must be so pure'
    But what is it they love so
    Is what she is not so sure.... more »

  • Sunset

    Sunset has its beauty, I had never known
    Till I identified its state with my own.

    It represents the end of something dear... more »

  • That Has Not Gone Wrong

    My efforts have been wasteful
    My principles have really failed
    The world seems to have come to an end
    And seems my senses have been jailed... more »

  • You!

    You are those words to me
    Which you had sometime written,
    You are those sounds to me
    Which I have heard quite often... more »