• Alone

    The feelings can't be described,
    to be the one,
    when every buddy is gone,
    because I am alone,... more »

  • Coming Winters

    Season of summer has been ended,
    The cooling down of the temperature,
    in the whole world full of creature,
    the breathing of flowers and leaves splendid,... more »

  • Grow More

    Now I don't care,
    For what I even scare,
    through the passage of time,
    Avoided I water with lime,... more »

  • Hope

    Something the support of life,
    Something the need of you,
    Can change the whole world,
    That can make any one smile,... more »

  • I Remember

    You entered in my life,
    I remember the day was bright,
    My heart was beating with love.
    I remember my hand cramped in dove,... more »

  • Memories

    Resolution of the past,
    Adventure with my friends,
    Memories travels with life last,
    With the change in trends,... more »

  • Noticed You

    Time when you down your head,
    Like a baby two year ago born,
    Nothing will disturb you like horn,
    Cute you you look suppose I said,... more »