• A Used To Be Sunny Day

    I'm a cloud
    On a used to be
    Sunny day... more »

  • Absent Presence

    Clear my cluttered mind
    With some of your time
    Until you have to go
    And that's when I'll know... more »

  • Addicted

    Holding out his hand
    He asked me for a dance
    Promised he would be
    The best ever to lead... more »

  • Adornments

    I adore
    These roseless thorns
    That never leave
    My Side... more »

  • An Empty Hand To Hold

    I can never make sorrow your stranger
    I can't promise to leave your eyes dry
    The sunshine I bring is a wonderful thing
    Though its light can only be mine... more »

  • Anger's Kiss

    Feel the heat
    Of a burning fire
    Can't escape
    On either side... more »

  • Are We Flying?

    The face is you fault
    And the mirage is mine
    Either way,
    We see and feel... more »

  • Be Free

    From what?
    From governments which dictate what we can and cannot do?
    From strangers who judge us without knowing who we are?... more »

  • Blinding Light

    Shadows cast
    From constant light
    What makes us see
    Can cause our plight... more »

  • Bliss

    Bought some time
    with another lie

    Now everything's 'fine'... more »

  • Cancer

    Twice you've come with hello and left me with the goodbye of others
    Now you've come again and I pray you leave alone
    Don't steal another piece of my heart
    Don't break my world... more »

  • Collateral Damage

    Caught between the crossfire
    Of my heart and of my mind,
    Trust me when I say
    You're merely collateral damage... more »

  • Constant Speculation

    Waiting for the outcome of a falling sky that seemed to stand still as the ground beneath shook and threatened to steal that which was grasped with white knuckles and a prayer no longer silent as it was shouted to the world in a desperate sort of fashion of those who have nothing more they can do but wait and see what cards are being dealt to them this time around.

    The world blurred and faded, except for that one moment which stood out amplified beyond measure, as its outcome remained suspended in time that refused to pass despite the steady rise and fall of a somewhat dampened sun that started to cry.... more »

  • Constant Stranger

    Who I am
    Who I was
    Who I will be... more »

  • Control Lost

    Sleeping, it was
    Nothing to fear
    Though when it woke
    Its presence was clear... more »

  • Conversations

    Darling please tell me
    That you see what I see
    'cause lately I feel so alone
    Darling please tell me... more »

  • Cup Of Tea

    I close my eyes
    Travel back in time
    To a kitchen where both of them are.
    Grandfather's sitting... more »

  • Defeat

    Hold my heart in your hand
    Give it a squeeze
    Watch me struggle just to breathe... more »

  • Distance

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
    Though I wish mine was farther from me
    As I cannot stand the shade it brings
    It only seems to darken me... more »

  • Do It Justice

    It's a feeling!
    A feeling!
    How do I share it with you?
    A song?... more »

  • Don't Ask

    Silence enters with you
    As tensions fills the air.

    Who should leave?... more »

  • Doormat

    Doormat, Doormat
    They will keep you for a while
    Doormat, doormat
    Until you go out of style... more »

  • Drawn Song

    I'm not much of an artist
    But if I was
    For you I'd draw
    An almost perfect picture... more »

  • Drifting Smile

    My smile has met my eyes
    More than a thousand times
    Though they still feel like strangers
    Each time they say hello... more »

  • Drowning

    I struggle to swim in an ocean of tears
    And the gentle pull of its sobbing waves

    Come they say, as they lure me in... more »