• Beside You

    You know I've not gone, you can see me,
    If you'ld only close your eyes,
    You know I've not gone, you can hear me,
    So don't listen to their lies... more »

  • Don'T

    Don't turn the light on
    Don't shut the door
    Don't you ignore me
    'cos I've been here before.... more »

  • Downfall

    The rain,
    rushing down the window
    like wives and mothers running
    to the pit head when disaster strikes.... more »

  • Everyday Existance

    The child,
    Siting hunched in the corner,
    Cold and hungry,
    Watches the heaving bodies on the make-shift bed.... more »

  • Pressures

    In the dark recesses of the silent mind,
    Sleep comes creeping near.
    With gentle strokes he calms each nerve
    And blots out any fear.... more »

  • The Flower Child

    With the smack and the cry of childbirth
    Was born the flower child,
    Ruled by the sun, the wind, the rain,
    Like nature, running wild.... more »

  • True Love's Embrace

    His eyes show only love for her
    And hold no bitter pain,
    His lips which caressed her naked form
    Will n'er do so again.... more »