Jaypee Belarmino is a Freemason, a World Poet, an abstract painter and an amateur photographer. His background though is very far from his artistic and literary pursuits. He earned a degree in B.S. Agricultural Economics from the University of the Philippines Los Banos. Inspired by his family’s active involvement in Philippine politics, he entered the University of Nueva Caceres School of Law to continue his father’s advocacy to empower the masses. Disillusioned by the political unrest in his country, he gave up law school and left the country to pursue a peaceful and simple life as a dairy farmer in New Zealand. He is currently working as an assistant manager in a dairy farm company in Invercargill City, the coldest and southernmost city in New Zealand.

Jaypee has wide array of interests that include writing prose and poetry, photography, abstract painting, mixed media art and multimedia art and has been getting rave reviews on all of his works from the international community. It is his desire to express the contradicting and esoteric nature of life that has led him to these fields. Basically self-taught in all of these art and literary disciplines, his unrelenting passion to capture the essences of life's beauty distinctly manifests in his works. A proud father and a free soul, he dedicates every art and literary piece that he makes to his deepest inspiration, his lovely daughter, Sofia Gabrielle.

Jaypee is a member of the World Poetry International, the Writers International Network, the New Zealand Poetry Society and the Axlepin Publishing Organization. His works, both as an artist and a writer have appeared on several online art and literary sites that include The Book Times, The Authors Den, The Poem Hunter, The Hubpages, The Flash Frontier, Pixoto, The World Poetry Reading Series, the Blogspot and the Summum Bonum Series of Publication by the Axlepin Publishing Organization. His poems had been aired live twice in internet-based television in the U.S., OTUSA.TV.

Jaypee's background as a member of the University of the Philippines’ most famous fraternity, the Alpha Phi Omega International Collegiate Service Fraternity, keeps activism alive in his creations while his strong Jesuit education from the Ateneo de Naga University emboldens him to persist revolutionizing his artistry with unrelenting drive for excellence.


Jaypee Belarmino Poems

Children Of The Sky

crawl inside my eyes
and spread my veins
til my consciousness
scatters your vision.... more »

You Exist

You exist when the rain breathes fire
or the fire breathes the rain;

Your eyes exist... more »

Queen Of India

You are the Queen of India.
You are the gold fabrics of your rich land.
You are the mind behind
the promise of your soil,... more »

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