A fantasy poet, love to write more about my sentiments and my environment


Jcson Jenuis Poems


I smiled trying, when love came crying,
In a pool of tears I tried finding,
Where the mud I fell in I tried washing,
Soaked still in the thoughts of past dirt,... more »

In The Middle Of Nowhere

Our thoughts are lame as we drink our future in wine
Whiles we walk on our dreams blindfolded,
Straight down the gutters like swine
And leaving our fats of worries unsolved,... more »

Sorrowful Minds

Tears running on the floor,
With the tap pressure, it keeps filling the bucket,
So heavy and cloudy it will rain,
As it drizzled to rain out our pain,... more »

Jcson Jenuis Quotes

Keep walking, whiles tired take shade and keep going till you meet destination to give you a seat.

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