• A Beautiful Lineage

    The greenish leaves on the old standing tree
    Sprinkling of it seeds upon the street,
    And the colorful petals on dreams
    Preaching salvation to the hungry bees,... more »

  • A Letter To Daddy

    The contractors said the pillars were strong
    From that seed we stood tall,
    Away from the preys we live on,
    In the hands of the security guard he gave all,... more »

  • Art

    A night strolling on clouds
    In the tenderness of thou breast,
    An eyeing nipple to arouse
    A tempering heart thirst,... more »

  • Behind The Sad Mirror (Mahama)

    The cries of the kids sounds mama,
    Whiles the sound calling the name of mama's love,
    MAHAMA! An emotional found pannery,
    As the future is set dark in mama's eye,... more »

  • Broken

    I smiled trying, when love came crying,
    In a pool of tears I tried finding,
    Where the mud I fell in I tried washing,
    Soaked still in the thoughts of past dirt,... more »

  • Brooding

    With our baskets we have gathered,
    A burnt offering to pray,
    As our tears soak the mud of the earth,
    When famine used us as prey,... more »

  • Death

    Just yesterday she took a walk towards this gate
    And the smiles like colors That Won't fade,
    From the pictures we drew with her in our future
    And the frame we kept this dreams in forever,... more »

  • Don't Let Me Fall In Love With You

    When my thought keeps seeing you,
    Dancing on my brains on early morning,
    Whiles swimming myself into an unrealistic fountain
    And finding your beautiful face on the flowering,... more »

  • Dreams

    We started with no boat standing at the banks,
    As we crossed holding hands,
    Not on a bridge and simplicity,
    Where we did climb mountains and slip,... more »

  • Hosanna

    Truth to be told
    Truth has been told
    Joy in our hearts sholved
    Now lies on our cheeks bold.... more »

  • In The Middle Of Nowhere

    Our thoughts are lame as we drink our future in wine
    Whiles we walk on our dreams blindfolded,
    Straight down the gutters like swine
    And leaving our fats of worries unsolved,... more »

  • Loneliness

    We have been the best of friends
    Holding hands with smiles
    And our thoughts boggling around our hearts,
    Where will this journey wave us at end?... more »

  • Manchester United

    Red, yellow and the spear,
    The devil it bare but glorious we fair,
    Win! win! ! we share,
    Where loose pierced our heart in thirst,... more »

  • Noéma (Thoughts)

    Twinkle twinkle little stars
    The birds kept flying
    Where our faith lies behind bars
    On a long jailed term we went buying... more »

  • Our Story

    In the darkest brains of this tune,
    Wine in dance with memories of the dying souls,
    The sick trains waving on the rails,
    Hi! To our weary and shivering souls,... more »

  • Pretty Old Smiles

    Pretty Old Smiles
    There is a time when loneliness meets you
    And share with your thought all the past
    And the little pretty smiles you had... more »

  • Prodigal Son

    Prodigal son

    Oh ye my soul saved from the dung
    And worldly emptied song I sung,... more »

  • Shackles (Breaking Free)

    Shackles (Breaking free)

    when some things are meant to be,
    Where smiles chase bitterness to flee,... more »

  • Sorrowful Minds

    Tears running on the floor,
    With the tap pressure, it keeps filling the bucket,
    So heavy and cloudy it will rain,
    As it drizzled to rain out our pain,... more »

  • The Beauty Of A Black Woman

    The beauty of a black woman

    The beauty of her woolen hair
    And the thick lips of smiles she shares,... more »

  • Western Cape Coast

    When women carries their pan
    In joy of the welcoming boat,
    And the songs from shore calling a market,
    The little murmurings of our folks... more »

  • Zoē

    Close your eyes let draw smile,
    Life is now tasting a bitter bile,
    A piled up of our trouble we left by,
    A train journey we will take for a while,... more »