• A Prayer For Marisa

    God Almighty, your existence is all Around us…
    is all about us! Thirty-one years ago on this day,
    April 1, You bestowed upon us, a baby girl.
    We proudly named her, Marisa.Marisa is a child of yours.... more »

  • A Riddle

    We can’t see it,
    Can’t touch, eat, or drink.
    Nor do we hear.But some
    might fear.It has no control,... more »

  • A Serpent Pain

    A serpent pain dwells within theDepths of my veins.
    Triggered to the surface by theMemory of my daughter.
    The serpent raises it’s ugly headAnd tares away at my heart,
    This happens each day of theAgonizing seventeen months... more »

  • Another Future’s Day!

    Cascading waves come crashing ashore,
    Pounding granular sand’s shifting floor.
    While children on sandy beaches play,
    Rock and stone suffuse in frothy foam.... more »

  • Breath By Breath

    Our moments are precious and
    Our time is now.
    Use it wisely and use it well!
    There is no connecting the past... more »

  • Countryside Pride

    Native flowers of splendid color,
    Scattered across the fields,
    Lying beyond, a purple hue,
    Accenting distant hills.... more »