• ' Old Lobster Creek Trail? '

    'She lay south of this very porch.
    Now if you stand here and look to the end of the briar lands-
    That be where she lay.... more »

  • A Girl Lives Here

    This morning
    I stumbled over a pile of clothes
    While walking through my living room.
    A girl lives here.... more »

  • A Light Year

    When Love
    Unknown to me,
    Drifted sweetly down from misty heights,
    An unknown element bathed my being.... more »

  • A Season With The Southern Swallows

    When I dwelt on the cliff's edge for a season,
    I thought myself above the venue of common man.
    But I leaned down to watch
    The southern swallows build their nests.... more »

  • At Forty - Eight

    My long face-
    My long in the tooth face looks frightened.
    On this June night you are sixteen.
    Seventeen friends will meet in the park
    You tell me.... more »

  • At The Lake's Edge

    At the lake's edge where the marsh air hangs
    With heavy scents of fall.
    I saw him there, about his haunts,
    Where blue kingfishers call.... more »

  • City Brook

    You were bright and clever once it's true,
    So here I'll weep a bit for you.
    When I recall your cheerful ways
    Of reflecting back my loving gaze.... more »

  • Dandelion Children

    Dandelions scatter their seeds,
    Carelessly toss them on the wind,... more »

  • Four Feet Above My Head

    Dammed if I didn’t catch myself
    Studying the cat, yet again today...... more »

  • Good Neighbors

    'I've never seen this back fence before,
    No matter.... more »

  • Harvest Spoilers

    Often I have seen them in the fall
    When filberts lay in husked green rugs,
    In patches 'round the orchard floor;
    The jays, screaming and scolding,... more »

  • I Have Ascended With The Winds Of Autumn

    As I have ascended with the winds of autumn in spirit
    And played her water children upon strings,
    Like puppets gone mad.... more »

  • I Will Not Hang Down My Head

    In this summer season,
    I will not hang-down my head in the heat... more »

  • In A Stark Season

    In a stark season I went walking
    And laid my head against a bare birch tree.
    Then clasped my hands around her trunk
    And willed her strength a part of me.... more »

  • In Shadows I Went Watching

    In long evening shadows I went watching,
    Tiptoeing through teddy bears
    And capsized ships and blocks.... more »

  • Jefferson County Harvest

    I know you've made your weary way
    Through evening stubble fields
    Where brown earth wears a golden crown.
    You've steered the combine... more »

  • Like The Bold Stream

    So comes the bold stream.
    Over smooth stones and water-heavy logs.
    A flashing flow of light
    That dances and jumps and leaps,
    And catches the dawn in vibrant hue,
    Cascades the greens to deepest blue.... more »

  • Manifest Presence

    I was over-long on the strand today,
    Beneath the burning cancer star.
    Until my lobster-legs radiate by memory its heat.
    I'm over-done by wine and sun.... more »

  • On The Little Nestucca

    We shared the river late in fall.
    We three went down to heed the call,
    Of he that dresses white and blue,
    A fellow fisher through and through.... more »

  • On The Train To Pusan

    On the train to Pusan I saw a hawk
    Not much bigger than both my hands put together
    Watching her hover and swoop in constant motion
    In the haze of the shipyard stacks,... more »

  • One Lives There Still

    We left many things behind
    The day we left the farm,
    But mostly things were packed away
    And neatly wrapped, secured from harm.... more »

  • Only Love And Family Afloat

    All those I love lay safe and asleep in bed,
    So I am free to drift back into summer
    On the river... more »

  • Reflections From The Pool

    Sleep? Sleep?
    I'm sure I shall sleep.... more »

  • Riding The River

    Riding the river in this cold dawn,
    In sorrow's swirling, anguished fog.
    There come thoughts that move me to ponder
    And remember other times of change.... more »

  • She Is Home To Me

    There is a center found in this place
    That binds me firmly heart and root.
    Found in the simple dress of men
    Who strive to bring the harvest in.... more »