• Alone

    why me?
    why i have friends that dont call me?
    why i dont have a family union?
    why i do i have to help if they dont help me?... more »

  • Does My Heart Beat

    sometimes think that my heart doesnt beats
    but everytime i think about this guy i go crazy
    every morning i look for him
    please him with everything i have on my hand... more »

  • Even

    i think its enough but its not
    i see you in my dreams
    i talk about you every single day
    i think about you even when im showering... more »

  • Im In Love?

    i like to watch you in videos
    i do anything for you
    i even pray so you dont lose
    i talk about you 24/7... more »

  • Im Sick And Tired

    im sick and tired of all the happy smiles
    im sick and tired of all the laughs
    im sick and tired of all the lies
    im sick and tired of all the cheaters... more »

  • Look At Me

    i have done everything to grab your attention but it seem worthless
    i have dyed my hair, change hairstyle
    i even have act like a stupid
    i hope one of this days you need me... more »

  • My Only Reason

    every mornin i wake up wishin
    u give me a hug
    i look for u everyday
    and i see u and i cant stop lookin... more »

  • Never Felt This Before

    hey darlyn did u know that i follow u?
    i just need to see u to make sure
    that i will have a smile just for u
    i feel strange when some other guy talk to me... more »

  • The End Of Middle School

    I never thought that this is the end of this year
    it pass so fast that i dont have much memories
    or is it that i forgot them.
    This year was totally different from all the others... more »

  • This Sk8er

    life is fair
    he takes away a
    sk8er boy
    and brings me another one... more »

  • Valerie

    valerie thanx for all this years of fun and happiness
    its awsome that you have been my friend
    my problems arent fix but i hope
    that yours are... more »

  • What Will Happen Next

    what will happen next
    they first start playing with me
    then they were taring my love
    and then they left me behind... more »

  • You Are Not The Same

    Everything was goin great
    we talked as always
    i came home with a smile
    i prayed to God that it will never end... more »