• Can I Have You?

    I want you to be my wings when im ready to take flight.
    My light when its dark at night.
    I want you to be the sun that pours in through my window pane in the early morning.
    My umbrella on a rainy day.... more »

  • Commitment

    Forever until each grain of sand on every beach of the face of this earth is counted.
    Forever until the stars in the endless depths of the night sky cease to twinkle and glisten.
    Forever until the sweet delicate silk flowers fail to bloom.
    Forever until precious innocent angels cease to flourish the earth.... more »

  • Me And U

    Our love is like a thousand thorny roses.
    Painful, delicate, and beautiful.
    Our love is like the milky way.
    Slow. Never ending.... more »

  • The Painter

    His words were like the paint brushing on a blank canvas. Fulfilling.
    Creating something that wasn't there before.
    And in this work: Love.
    His words flowed and once started unable to stop until fully satisfied like an estranged artist who's attic suddenly clicked and brightened.... more »