• A Paradox

    I am alive but not living
    I can breathe yet feel restrained
    I have hope and still unbelieving
    This seems the end, and it's too late... more »

  • Aghast

    Tonight is the night where souls release.
    The darkness feeds on the unwary.
    We find the milieu filled with dread.
    It's time, and clime to the undead.... more »

  • Ambiguity

    What? What am I doing here?
    Seems like just yesterday, when it feels like home
    Why? Why do I feel insincere?
    When I look into your eyes, I realize all the emptiness inside of me... more »

  • At The End Of Every Road

    At the end of each day,
    Lord, you are all that's on my mind.
    At the end of every road,
    Lord, You are the one I find.... more »

  • Autumn Leaves Of Winter

    The wispy wind blows
    Out into the barren, deserted plain.
    The tree that's old with sorrow,
    Stands out and stretched disdain.... more »

  • Cephalic Correspondence

    My mind goes down the drain,
    Like the water drenched with dirt.
    Down to a hole that is bottomless
    Repressed by any form of mirth.... more »

  • Changes

    A good egg had rotten.
    A life that will be soon destroyed.
    Turned away from all contentment.
    Find nothing yet wants more.... more »

  • Cold

    Winter has settled its cold crystal icicles
    and pierced into the hollow bud
    Where blood flowed momentously
    Counting every wail of a dying man.... more »

  • Dilemma

    Troubled, yes, I'm troubled.
    I don't know what has come to me.
    The world around had finally paved in.
    And it made me see the things I longed to see.... more »

  • Fade Away

    Here I am waiting by the door
    Hoping it is never too late
    Seems you don't want me anymore
    So look into my eyes and tell me... more »

  • Friends?

    It makes me whimper a little,
    That this could end so soon.
    That once a beautiful morning,
    Would end in the dark night moon.... more »

  • Heartbreak

    I was losing my breath,
    My heart beating out of frame.
    I did not know what is happening.
    Another called your name.... more »

  • I Cry For The Fallen

    I cry for the fallen
    Children of perdition
    A nation in oppression
    A people inconsolable... more »

  • I Want To Kiss You In The Morning

    I want to kiss you in the morning.
    Taste those lips like breakfast in bed.
    See you first thing in the morning.
    Never want you out of my head.... more »

  • I Will Run

    Whenever I feel weary,
    From all the tears and toil
    Lord, I will run to You.
    Whenever I feel lonely,... more »

  • I'm Missing You Now

    It is months since I heard you talk.
    We have passed each other's side without a glance.
    I haven't seen your face, those eyes, I loved.
    Should you give me another chance?... more »

  • It's Hard To Let You Go

    I felt the pain,
    When you went out of my door
    It is hard to face the fact,
    That I cannot see you anymore... more »

  • Just To Keep You

    I was never been so gloomy inside.
    I just can seem to understand the reason,
    The feeling that I find that hides.
    Deep in the recesses of my conviction.... more »

  • Life Of Beauty

    Sparkling starlight
    Wide eyed wonder
    Hopes so high
    Love each other... more »

  • Looking At The Sunset

    Forgot how it is to dream
    Life is not how it used to be
    Where I am in this darkness
    When can I be free?... more »

  • My Life Is Death Six Feet Under

    The dark night sky covers my soul.
    I dwell in my own world of darkness.
    And I lay in my coffin down a six-foot hole,
    Where I own my world as my heart sunders.... more »

  • Nightmares

    There are things lost in innocence.
    The cries of the deaf and the blind,
    Linger in the atmosphere of silence.
    Corruption and desolation, I find.... more »

  • Nightscape Of Dreams

    I dreamt of being with you.
    Those sleepless nights drew by
    The thoughts of your smile, your face,
    How I want to touch your lips,... more »

  • Nostalgia

    Scars remind me of my past.
    Those hollowed chambers filled my mind
    Of blunt images of the terror buried.
    And it burns me, it churns my soul.... more »

  • Poem To A Rose

    You were there at my reach,
    A rose of radiant beauty.
    You are my pleasure,
    As I stare in your clarity.... more »