• Another Clown

    the clown with red nose
    the clown with green ears
    the clown with yellow cheeks
    the clown with webbed feet... more »

  • Another Clowns Two

    Why the clowns are dirty?
    Why the clowns are sad?
    Why the clowns are bad?
    Why the clowns are ferocious?... more »

  • Forgiveness

    the time of forgiveness
    is now and here

    pity for the blue... more »

  • Friends Of Stones

    It is not a paradise
    although the sing of birds
    It is not the Hell
    although the song of birds... more »

  • No Poem

    with some words
    words and words
    it is not a poem
    only word... more »

  • No Porcupine

    we are not porcupines
    said the dummy rabbit
    we are not porcupines
    said the dummy dog... more »

  • Soup Of Day

    She said severely:
    “God have said: the soup must be warm! ”
    It was a Gazpacho, a cold soup to a warm evening.
    I have mixed tomatos, cucumbers,... more »

  • The Sing Of Song

    it's a song without title
    a song without word
    a song without sound... more »