• If*

    if i stand on my head
    what i regularly do
    my heart send blood to the brain... more »

  • It Was A Poem

    as the renewed ocean was divided through wit

    (waters were frozen since millenaria)
    invisible voices whispered an aria... more »

  • Lemon Ode

    huge mist brood around
    your petal face

    just in dew time... more »

  • New York (2)

    New York is not so high
    blue note can be heard
    (while yellow runs & runs)
    roads seem rather narrow... more »

  • Nugacious

    hit(e) ah-
    ead!... more »

  • Ô

    the deepest express ion you would excl aim in poetic art... more »

  • Phlogiston

    i gave a lake doday
    why drink all the see... more »

  • Spring

    in the back yard where i used to court
    between two bricks buildings i dwell
    daffodils & lilacs grow
    in the mistery... more »