• Children Of Kandahar

    September 2003,

    On the mountains, the sky seemed on fire
    Clouds of smoke and dust obscured the sunlight... more »

  • Dad And Son

    A dad, a son,
    One life, one love,
    A road, all alone,
    One last strife, from above.... more »

  • Deep Brown Eyes

    I am too afraid to wink
    Too sad to shine
    Too lonely to blink
    Too insecure to draw the line.... more »

  • Feeling For Her

    She is so confused and never say a word,
    Maybe she did, but it seems nobody ever heard.
    She is lonely and hurt inside,
    Day by day her heart seems to subside.... more »

  • Leave

    Let's walk South-West until we can not keep it up anymore
    Vanish ourself to the eternity through sunny and rainy days
    A wanted and wonderful adventure is up to explore
    Leave every problems bothering us behind in the haze.... more »

  • Lost Woman In A Lost World

    A white sheet covering a window,
    In the wind, flowing.
    A light collides,
    With the white, becoming blinding.... more »

  • My Dream; My Paradise

    Infinite horizon
    Covered with a multicolor sky
    Vibrant by the sunset
    Shining over the splendid ocean.... more »

  • Perdu/Lost

    *Scroll down for English Version.*

    ~ Perdu ~... more »

  • Rainfall

    Rainfall over the window, heavily falling
    As I stare through it the darkness outgrowing
    A moon slowly moving in the dark sky
    The stars reflecting in my eyes.... more »

  • The Butterfly

    I saw a butterfly,
    In the corner of my eye.
    By a country road of romance,
    At the end of a wooden fence.... more »

  • Trust

    In the past I used to trust
    But when years passed by
    Instead to be growing, all that trust fell in dust
    It was shrinking day after day, lie after lie.... more »

  • Wiped Out

    An empty file stands alone
    They wiped out who I was and gave me a new home
    Erased where my soul used to be
    Swept away the whole memory from me... more »

  • Without You

    Without you, the city falls asleep softly,
    Without you, the color disappears slowly,
    Without you, the trees forget the wind,
    Without you, the night is chagrined.... more »