ok, born..15 years ago,3 sisters,2 brothers, used to be blonde, now raven. am still blonde in brain... :) moo


Jeanie Travell Poems

(_-*your Love*-_)

Your love is useless
Your love is fake
How can you love me
with the mess that i make... more »

(_-*when Will I Feel*-_)

If the only way i feel, lies in pain, what is life worth?
If the only way i feel, lies within useless 'love', what am i worth?
If, in my life, i feel numb, what can i do to get through the days?
When will i feel, when will i be loved?... more »


Its funny how you can see everything through someones eyes
how much they hurt
how much each moment is slowly killing them... more »

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