I am a seeker. I need companionship, if not love and a healthy, special relationship in my life. I exist in loneliness, locked up in fear, but I will find a way out of this trap. My mind which closes me out of the beautiful divine space, where my purpose is to create beautiful works of art with love and compassion, the eternal will open its doors of wonder and freshness like a daisy floating in a small vase of water, drifting into the ocean of the universe. I am coming out of the snow and melting in the sunshine. Peace...


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</>The goldfinch enflames
the firey green meadow
that she uses for a perch
to fly into the cosmos... more »

Reaching For Crumbs

a recluse,
missing out,... more »

Tech Stress

Living in a world
of tech-no-sense
really is affecting
my consciousness...... more »

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