• Black Cat Advocate

    Black cat creeping down the street
    Daring anyone to cross his path
    Casting dark shadows in the street
    Laughing in the face of God's wrath... more »

  • David And His Dog

    Little David had no friends
    Which made him oh so sad

    So his parents brought him home a dog... more »

  • Estranged

    These indolent days
    I'm on down time
    that is - my mood
    when I try to get... more »

  • Fred The Frog

    Fred is a frog
    He is my friend
    He leaps with me
    It's a new trend... more »

  • Intention

    I'm seeing strange things.
    It's weird.
    People have become
    such enigmas... more »

  • Kittens

    Gray little kitten
    With such soft fur
    I pet her gently
    I hear her purr... more »

  • Leaves Of Fire

    It's autumn,
    a blast of orange,
    pink, yellow, red
    The light is... more »

  • Letting Go

    I am right now
    in October
    a season of
    warm colors and... more »

  • Moods And Tides

    </>The edge of sun
    colors and patterns
    changing subtly
    a new refrain... more »

  • Polar Bear, Polar Bear

    Polar bear
    Polar bear
    lost his ice
    Global Warming... more »

  • Reaching For Crumbs

    a recluse,
    missing out,... more »

  • Renaissance

    The rebirth
    of the love
    and revival
    of faith... more »

  • Soaring

    </>The goldfinch enflames
    the firey green meadow
    that she uses for a perch
    to fly into the cosmos... more »

  • Space

    There is a new force
    an excitement stirring
    inside me...childlike...
    I'm a child to the loving,... more »

  • Storm Softly Singing

    </>It's 9: 00 pm
    The sounds of the night
    The whispering, tweeting... more »

  • Sunrise

    It's freezing!
    The whistling wind
    Casts its shattered ice on me.
    The blazing fury and pulsation... more »

  • Tech Stress

    Living in a world
    of tech-no-sense
    really is affecting
    my consciousness...... more »

  • The Lost Vessel

    What do you do
    with the empty vessels
    that sail no longer
    that are anchored... more »

  • The Rising Tides

    The suffering of my youth
    reawakens and reappears.
    I need to transcend it.
    I hope my mawkishness will... more »

  • Tough Times

    Summer is over...
    I was never relaxed
    for summer fun...
    From June through... more »

  • War And Hate

    </>Ambivalence is creaking in
    my attic,
    Noone is saying no to wrong
    Everyone looks one way, than... more »