jeanne harmon Biography

I'm 16 and as rebellous as ever. As i grow older i hope my poems' themes will grow but for now the complexity of my poems remain simple. Hopefully now that it is summer i will be able to concentrate on my writings but that seems impossible when i have to read two books and write book reports on both of the books. I do enjoy reading but not when i have a deadline. Also maybe one day i'll write down a poem right when i think of it making it all the more logical when on paper.

Of course i must tell you my favorite bands:
Goo Goo Dolls
Billy Joel
Matchbox 20
that's all i can think of...

I hate warm weather and enjoy rain days. Since i live in New Orleans we rarely get snow here during the winter. We had snow two years ago though (woohoo!) .
Man, was that fun...and cold. Now i have to let my either determined or slow dog outside...bye!