• A Pond

    Long since pebbles have touched the water’s surface
    Creating ripples as it hits the water
    Three friends of old once came here
    But will never come back it fears... more »

  • A Small Tree

    A small tree
    Alone in the dirt. small and innocent.
    Wind blowing through the leaves, smallest
    tree all around. Small and strong. No matter... more »

  • A Stranger In A Crowd

    I stand in a crowd as the people pass me by
    I smile at some and ignore the others
    And all though people are told to love one another
    The world is always at war... more »

  • Caged Bird

    Look at the caged bird as it sings its melancholy tune.
    Sad, isn’t?
    Look at that other birds flying higher toward sky
    The caged bird always wished to go up that high... more »

  • Candle In The Wind

    Just like a candle in the wind
    So does our life at sometime have to end
    Many ideas are thrown in the air
    Just because no one seemed to care... more »

  • Eht Emas

    There once was a place where everyone was Tan
    Every woman, child, and man
    Tan hair, Tan shoes, Tan skin, and Tan clothes
    Why they were all Tan is something that nobody knows... more »

  • I Am Loved

    I fell down
    you picked me
    up.When I thought... more »

  • I Dreamed A Dream

    I dreamed a dream when I was young
    I dreamed a dream many times
    When I was 5 I felt so alive
    Dreaming of being a keeper of the zoo... more »

  • I Turn To You

    When I don’t know where go
    And my heart is weary from trying
    I turn to you
    It seems that you make all my dreams seem true... more »

  • I'Ll Be There

    If ever the world has faded to black and white
    If ever you are feeling down
    When every smile seems like a frown
    I’ll be there... more »

  • I'M Here To Decree

    I’m here to decree
    That I have dreamed a dream of mixed reality
    I’ve climbed the highest mountain
    I’ve seen things that I thought my eyes would never behold... more »

  • Life

    Life is a funny thing sometimes it makes want to sing
    Sometimes our love runs on the loose
    And sometimes life is sour like pickle juice
    Sometimes life is sweet like the sweet smell of a rose... more »

  • Little Billy

    Little Billy did not go to school today
    His parents do not know what to say
    The world crashed beneath him they say
    He seemed to keep all his feelings away... more »

  • Love Her

    Black cat runs past her she hides away
    Men tried to love her but she didn’t stay
    Her heart beats faster than hummingbird wings
    Every time she frowns her heart sings:... more »

  • Music Of The Night

    It’s 12 am on a Saturday
    And although all seems quiet the night plays it’s own special tune
    The summer wind blows
    Through the trees and I listen intently... more »

  • My Love

    Frozen where I stand
    Phone still in my hand
    Time passing me unknowingly
    Everything seems likes a dream... more »

  • My Pillow Is My Best Friend

    Woke up this morning as tired as can be
    Stayed up all night typing a term paper
    Probabaly will get a get D
    I splash some water in my face... more »

  • Nostalgic Memories

    Oh, my dear please remember
    When all seemed so innocent
    When we laughed and smiled
    And never cried... more »

  • Oh, How I Love The Internet

    Oh, this is taking way too long
    I think the sign that says it’s done is wrong
    The refresh button isn’t working
    And I think that the hammer in the garage may work... more »

  • Open Your Eyes

    Diamonds never seem to last
    It all happens so very fast
    Nothing ever stays the same
    And when we think of all the things we didn’t do we have ourselves to blame... more »

  • Sunny Days

    Sunny days
    Where are those sunny days?
    When will I see some purpose?
    Where are those happy smiles that I so miss?... more »

  • Teddy Bear

    Smile on its broken face sticks forever
    Child’s laughter echoes in its ear forever and here after
    Dust settles around it like a chalk outline
    Still it never seems to whine... more »

  • The Race

    Open your eyes and start running
    Don’t stop running
    Your heart is beating
    Your head aching... more »

  • The Rain

    The rain

    The rain falls down on me
    Time comes and goes... more »

  • The Truth

    I’m sorry for not being there
    I’m sorry for never seeming to care
    I’m sorry if you thought I never loved you
    For that is surely not true... more »