• After snowfall

    The moonrise on the cheek of snow.
    Words that charm me while I sleep.
    When I get up, what do I know?
    The meaning's gone. No residue.... more »

  • And afterward, repenting

    Wasn't it Augustine who said, evil is matter
    out of place? He kisses his love
    as he pivots from the brothel gate,... more »

  • Attempt

    Sometimes I lose you. Say you are a puppy
    and I've left the door ajar. Or I'm due someplace
    and can't remember where. In my sticky-uppy... more »

  • Bell

    Since time flies one way like an arrow,
    the sugar can't be stirred out of your oatmeal
    and no matter how long the murderer sobs... more »

  • Birdbath

    The tiny whitecaps
    bare their rotten teeth
    all morning... more »

  • Birthday

    It was years before I grasped how if I wrote it,
    no one would believe me, how the phone rang
    as I was getting dressed, as I was listening... more »

  • Blue water

    Those days, I sat on our front porch
    holding my daughter, my arms
    and chest vibrating with joy like a tuning... more »

  • Burying My Mother

    This is what our wandering life has come to.
    Our dead stay where they're put, in different states.
    We buried her beside the Texan, who... more »

  • Dandelions

    The bag I drag is solid as earth, clods
    I couldn't shake off roots
    reeking of rocks and blackness,... more »

  • Easter week

    Speaking of Houdini and escape,
    of Spring, this Spring, there being
    no General or Eternal Spring,... more »

  • Faults

    Then my mother became my child.
    I'd felt so light on the teeter-totter
    that I was surprised by such power,... more »

  • Flight

    The angel speeding down the runway pulls up
    her wing flaps, and, wouldn't you know it, wobbles,
    then dribbles to a stop. She stands on the windy... more »

  • Geese, Tree, Apple, Leaves

    Suppose you're blind, and so you can't see
    the broken necklace of geese sailing the sky,... more »

  • Gift

    For a hundred miles
    the fields have worn
    beards of ugly stubble
    and night is falling... more »

  • Helping the morning

    This morning shows up at my bedside
    like a mother holding a glass of water,
    so I say thank you, glancing out the window... more »

  • Her Cry

    The morning when she finds the tomb empty
    leaps from her the way the first spry geyser
    sprang from the Titanic. She bangs her knee... more »

  • Holding Action

    Letters, be the memory of this moment,
    Ruth's 3-legged Golden Lab
    sniffing for news beneath the hedge,... more »

  • Hunger

    You can feel his heartbeat slow
    as he loiters just off the Expressway,
    by the Okoboji Swamp... more »

  • I make My X Here

    Driving this morning, a poem came to me,
    so simple, so pure Keats himself could not conceive it,
    and then, turning onto Lombard Street, I lost it.... more »

  • If Found, Drop In Any Mail Box. Owner Will Pay Postage

    I'm grading papers in the motel room,
    the teacher in me watching as my students
    fumble with their keys in the lock of the world.... more »

  • Incarnation

    Suppose I scooped the whole sky in my hand,
    I couldn't hold it. Yet hearing a goldfinch,
    I feel, well, yes, that tiny song might clench... more »

  • Jeremy's Sonnet

    Because we both heard separately the bark
    of the hungry storm last night- he there, me here-
    the wind tossing itself through the dark... more »

  • Little Blessing for My Floater

    This tiny ruin in my eye, small
    flaw in the fabric, little speck
    of blood in the egg, deep chip... more »

  • Little blessing spoken in road rage

    Chariot from Hades, fire
    glinting from its windshield, steel
    knife splitting the atom... more »

  • Nativity figure speaks

    I felt it, riding through the afternoon—
    the nights are getting shorter and it's cold
    and then the baby shifted in my womb... more »