I was born and raised in Del Rio, Texas. I have a son named Nolan Ryan. I kept my poetry to my self until a friend said i should not let my work sit in a closet collecting dust. Since then I post my poetry on a number of sites. I am Also lucky enough to have a friend (alex) who pushes me to nurture my creative ability. Every now and then i will pen something that makes me sit back and say wow i didnt know i had that in me.


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A Mothers Pain

I see him struggle-trying to get the words out
The pain the frustration unable to convey his thoughts
The angry outbursts-the depression -the anxiety
Ridiculed shunned always the outcast-the scapegoat... more »


Sitting staring out my window
All the happy faces
The smiles the greetings
The lights and decorations... more »

Feelings Of The Heart

What is love…
Is it the fluttering in your stomach
The knot in your throat
The tightness in your chest... more »

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