• A Mothers Pain

    I see him struggle-trying to get the words out
    The pain the frustration unable to convey his thoughts
    The angry outbursts-the depression -the anxiety
    Ridiculed shunned always the outcast-the scapegoat... more »

  • Deafening Scream Of Love

    Your silence is starting to make me wonder.
    You no longer leave those cute little messages
    I no longer receive the forbidden calls
    You no longer break the rules just to hear my voice... more »

  • Deaths Kiss

    I welcome him
    I shan’t run from him
    All in all he will come for me
    Having lost my feeling for life... more »

  • Feelings Of The Heart

    What is love…
    Is it the fluttering in your stomach
    The knot in your throat
    The tightness in your chest... more »

  • Greed

    Thoughts- questions
    Feelings of desire
    Churning- swirling
    Drowning in a whirlpool of doubt... more »

  • Humbug

    Sitting staring out my window
    All the happy faces
    The smiles the greetings
    The lights and decorations... more »

  • Lost Souls

    While slumbering in your confined space
    Do you think of your garden
    How it was once beautiful
    Lined with colorful flowers... more »

  • Loves Silent Departure

    Mirrored droplets cascade down my face
    Each one reflecting the pain I hold within
    Staring into the tear made puddle
    Memories of you swimming within... more »

  • My Private Hell

    Drawing myself tightly within my shell
    Locking out the world
    Trapped with only my thoughts
    The noise within is deafening... more »

  • Searching

    Searching the sky
    For a star to wish upon
    Making my wish
    I sleep and dream... more »

  • Wasteland

    I am angry, I am sad
    Everything I have given up
    What I wanted in life
    Who I wanted to be... more »